On June 19, 2016 was the election of the mayor of the Italian capital, Rome.  Virginia Raggi wins as member of the “movimento 5 stelle” (M5s). A movement based on a democratic concept of the people, managed by the people. The influences are anarchist-type into which right-wing extremists as outer left have the support from movements like the No-Tav. Its central pivot is the denial of many central figures of the state structure of a state.

It ‘a movement, not a political party. It has a direct link with each other and the people of the web and the internet. Its definition is «The Movimento 5 Stelle”, a free association of citizens. It is not a political party nor it is intended that it will become in the future. Not ideologies of left or right, but ideas. It seeks to create an efficient and effective exchange of opinions and democratic debate outside of associative links and partisan and without the mediation of the governing or representative bodies, recognizing the totality of the citizens the role of government and address normally attributed to a few.

It has recently created a fundraising platform called Rousseau, in honor of the free thinker. But behind the fundraising there is a network of associations and societies. The Rousseau Association funds itself entirely with small voluntary donations of citizens who want to support it, as for all the activities of the Movement 5 Stars. But the M5s has born inside of an idea of a consulting firm in the digital strategies «Casaleggio Associati srl» (whose founder is Gianroberto Casaleggio) which is accompanied by the Italian comedian Beppe Grillo. In parallel, the «Casaleggio Associati» is engaged in production of the unit Casaleggio Associati Publisher business, that contributes to the spread of the Culture Network through publications on digital issues, thematic reports and focus groups, seminars, articles and movies.

After an initial proliferation within the Italian territory, the M5s turns out not be a party without leaders and free thought. On the contrary, many members of the movement are expelled because their ideas are no longer in line with the internal program. For example, the former member Paola Bernetti (from «Oggi», Italian news magazine, of 1 June 2016), who wrote: “The M5s is dangerous for democracy. I continued to vote for them, thinking that the other parties are worse”. Bernetti realized that the leaders were moving the ranks of all, deciding at will who should enter Parliament. They are trumpeting transparency, but they destroyed all the votes of the «parlamentarie». The results of the primaries for the 2014 European have kept them secret.

But already, on 28.03.2014 the online blog «Linkiesta» wrote – “The Grillo movement celebrates itself as the bearer of the revealed truths and absolute, unique and unambiguous expression of the popular will, as opposed to an indistinct magma of businessmen, corrupt united by desire to hide the above truth for its own sordid personal purposes to which voters can believe only to the extent that they do not understand”. The vision is part of the most classic paranoid conspiracy-structures, according to which those who are «not with us» not only «is against us,» but it is also in bad faith and in the pay of someone else. The policy of the M5s is not representative of composites interests, but is rather the dialectic of the enlightened vs the rest of the world. The structure of the sects, religious and totalitarian systems extremists.

cc210616t013f07.jpg_1328648940The original idea, as we well know, was: “There is no single and indivisible truth magically evoked by consulting the web”. This has been the workhorse during the last election campaign. In the first, disastrous, year of M5s in the parliament, the famous have not been voting platforms, made promises and ended up in oblivion, replaced by short political processes for parliamentary expulsions («traitors») endorsed by uncertified voting by third parties, which are on the site owned by Beppe Grillo.In fact, on March 23, 2014 the leader Beppe Grillo publishes on its website the «Code of Conduct for the candidates of the movement 5 stars to the European elections» which was put on paper not only that Cricket is «the political leader of the M5S,» but that he has only the power to propose alliances.

The M5s battle against the public financing of newspapers has been one of the biggest battles of the reactionary past hundred years, to the extent that dramatically limits pluralism of information in an already devastating moment for the same survival of journalism. On the other hand, what is pluralism when you already have the only truth?

On June 2016 the M5s manages to win, with two women, Rome and Turin, the capital of Italy and the Italian automobile industry capital.

But in Rome wins Virginia Raggi, with 38 years as lawyer. Already now, however, they are outlined very different from the profiles of the party lines, that is, people from the political and economic power. In fact, years before, he had received consulting assignments by local health authorities (public health authority) of Civitavecchia and never declared. But first, there was the controversy for the internship in the office of Pieremilio Sammarco, brother of famous “Alessandro” linked with Previti, Berlusconi and Dell’Utri. And again: the contract signed with the Casaleggio Associati and laying down a huge fine for those who dissent from the Movement and a staff of acts of the junta (from «la repubblica inserto di Roma», italian newspaper of 20.06.2016).

The Italian movement M5s, of anarchist thought movement, is it instead detecting a serious risk to the democratic foundations of Italy?

The M5s definitely, in the future, will become one of the major Italian parties and will have to change its structure today based too much on extremist currents within both the left and right. It will remain a people’s movement, which makes the revolution but, compared with other Italian parties, the symptoms are kind of dictatorial, destruction of public mechanisms and internal security: against the Italian media do not feel free, is supported by No Tav and it is against the European Union. The dictatorial risk and Revolution comes from the same political party registered with the program.


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